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There has been an upsurge in email 'phishing' activity, where fraudsters send emails to our customers and using an array of deceptions, encourage them to give out their internet banking authentication details.

Please note, that we will never ask you to send your personal or security details or update them via email, and if you are ever asked to do so, please call us first.

If you would like to find out more about how to bank safely online, or see other examples of online scams please visit

Keeping your identity safe

You can be safe in the knowledge that we use the latest technology to keep your details secure and have dedicated teams to monitor account activity and intercept any suspicious transactions. If you are unsure whether a transaction that appears on your statement is authentic, give us a call on 020 7871 0464* and we will investigate further on your behalf.

From time to time we may email you with details of offers, prize draws and general updates to your accounts. We will never ask you to supply personal details in emails. If you do receive a request like this or are worried about the content of emails you receive from us, please let us know straight away on 020 7871 0464*.

You can also do your bit to keep your identity safe from theft. Always tell us if you’re moving house, keep your statements and receipts safe (dispose of them securely) and never disclose your PIN to anyone else. If you’re suspicious that your personal details may have been used fraudulently, it’s always best to contact us on 020 7871 0464*.

Is shopping on the Internet safe?

Yes. Using your credit card on the Internet is as safe as any other way of shopping. If not more so. You just have to know what to look out for.

And if you want a second opinion here's what the Office of Fair Trading says: "Your shopping experience should be no more risky than buying by mail order or on the phone, but you need to be aware of possible dangers and should take precautions to make shopping on the Internet safe." We've got some top tips on shopping on the net, which are just the types of precautions that the Office of Fair Trading means.

Is it safe to give my Opus Card number when I'm ordering goods on the Internet?

Before giving someone your Opus details, check that the security settings in your browser are switched on. You can use these to find out when there's a secure connection. It's secure when the open padlock at the bottom of your screen changes to a locked one.

Some people are worried that fraudsters can get hold of internet messages and get card numbers. There isn't really any evidence of this ever having happened. But we're not complacent. We're constantly improving the technology. And if you follow our handy tips when you shop, online shopping is just as safe as using the phone or mail order.

If someone steals my Opus number while I'm buying something on the Internet, will I be made to pay?

No. We cover 100% of any money spent on your card that's lost because of online fraud. As long as you didn't do it, or knowingly give your details to someone else who then used your card.

What if a shop or a merchant steals my card number?

Be sure to follow our tips on how to shop safely over the net. But don't worry. If you do give your number to a shop and they turn out to be a fraudster, you won't have to pay anything at all.

How can I know that the company I want to do business with is genuine?

Just about every business that's on the net is genuine. However, it's within the realms of possibility that a fraudster could set up a website pretending to be a business so that he could get your card number. Make sure to keep a record of the business's address and phone number. That way, you can check whether it is a genuine business.

And only give your details to sites which use encryption. You can tell whether they do this by clicking on the padlock or key at the bottom of the screen. This will tell you whether the site's got an encryption certificate, and what level of security they've got. Of course, a certificate doesn't mean the business is legit, but it does mean that the connection between you and it is secure.

What should I do if I lose my card or it's stolen or I suspect someone has used it fraudulently?

Contact us through our website or phone us immediately on 020 7871 0464*

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